In exchange for Fasthand P/L trading (ABN 35744 667 369) as WASP Paintball allowing me to use its equipment, services and facilities, I agree to the following conditions:

  • I am aware that my use of Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball equipment, services and facilities and (in particular) my use of paintball guns carries with it additional dangers and risks.
  • Except to the extent that I have non-excludable rights under the Trade Practices Act, 1974 and so far as is otherwise permitted by law, I:
    • agree to assume all risks arising out of my use of equipment, services and facilities provided to me by Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball;
    • agree to release Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball from all liability no matter how it arises in respect of any injury, loss or damage suffered as a result of my use of Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball’s equipment, services or facilities;
    • agree to indemnify of Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball in respect of any legal liability it may have to any third party which in any way arises from any use of or attempted use by me of any of Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball’s equipment, services or facilities.
  • I agree to abide by all rules established by Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball regarding the use of its equipment, services and facilities and understand that such use may be forbidden by Fasthand P/L trading as WASP Paintball at any time for any reason at all.
  • I acknowledge “Skirmish” is a physical game and warrant that I am in good physical health.
  • I agree and undertake at all times to wear and not remove my face mask whilst on or close to the designated “Skirmish” playing field area.


I also Agree that a nominated WASP Paintball employee/owner or nominated official WASP representative can take my photograph on behalf of WASP Paintball and WASP Laser. I have agreed to take part in this photography free of charge and do not now or in the future expect any talent right or royalty fee or payments as a result of appearing in these photographs. I give my permission to WASP PAINTBALL to use the photography that I may appear in, when and for as long as they may wish, to promote, advertise or market WASP Paintball or Paintball in general. I understand that this photography and the rights are owned by WASP paintball.

No photography or filming may occur on the actual paintball fields unless permission has been granted by WASP management. In the case that approval is granted, any images taken and used must represent WASP Paintball in a positive manner and cannot be used to promote another paintball company, field or goods. WASP Paintball has all rights to any images/filming that occurs at their paintball fields.

If I do not wish for my photograph to be taken or used at WASP I will advise WASP Paintball before any photos are taken.